MAC lashes and how I apply them

Wearing MAC-36 lashes
Wearing MAC -36 here.

Today I’m sharing my two current go to false lashes from MAC with tips on how to easily apply them.  Lashes complete your makeup look and, when done right, should look like your real lashes and make your eyes pop.  

1. TRIM YOUR LASHES.  This is, in my opinion, the most important step of all before putting on your lashes.  Place the untrimmed lash on op of your lid to see where you need to trim.  All of our eyes are obviously a different size and trimming them down to fit your lid will make them look more natural and make the application process easier.

2.  APPLY EYE MAKEUP BEFORE THE LASHES.  I make sure my eyeshadow, liner, and a coat of mascara is applied first.  I can touch up after applying the lash if needed.  

3.  LET ADHESIVE DRY BEFORE APPLYING.  Apply a thin strip of adhesive on the lash and wait 30 seconds or so to let it get to a sticky consistently before applying.  If you ignore the instructions on the adhesive tube and apply them immediately, the result will be messy and you’ll end up holding your lash on your lid for 30 seconds anyway.  If you wait the 30 seconds you can apply easily because the lash will immediately stick on wherever you place it.  

4.  PRESS FALSE LASH AND REAL LASH TOGETHER.  Gently press your false lash and real lash together so you can’t see visible separation between the two. and touch up eye makeup if needed.  I shared all of my favorite MAC lipsticks a while back and you can find that here.

My two favorite lashes to wear right now are MAC-36 and MAC-48.  In my opinion, 36 gives a slight cat eye that is dramatic enough for nighttime but natural enough for daytime too.  MAC-48 is less cat eye and more dramatic overall but still not over the top.  I usually wear 48 for evening.  Both are beautiful when applied correctly and lasts me about 3 wears if I take care of them.  You can see them below.  Don’t forget to save your empty containers when done because MAC will recycle them and, once you have collected six of them,  you can return them to MAC and pick a free lipstick or eyeshadow.  

MAC Lashes 48
MAC - 48
MAC - 36

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