Designing a big girl bedroom

Hello! Today I want to share some pictures of Liv’s big girl room. I have been working on this room slowly because we have been co-sleepers since day one and I think she slept in her crib one time for about thirty minutes so there wasn’t a need to rush getting it done. She always refers to my room as her room and her room as her “pink room” and she pretty much takes ownership of every room there is. While I enjoyed getting her nursery together and her crib was cute to look at, it was a complete waste of money so I knew there was no way I was going to get her a toddler bed just for the heck of it. I love having her sleep with me and wouldn’t want it any other way (getting suddenly kicked in the face at 3am isn’t that bad ha) so I decided to go ahead and get a queen sized bed for her room in case we ever decide to sleep in there and it can also double as a guest room if needed since I don’t currently have one set up.

Interior decorating has always been something I love to do and I think it’s so rewarding to come home to a place you love and feel comfortable and at peace in. I have to admit that while I like to mix and match pricey and cheap pieces in fashion, I don’t usually like to buy anything cheap when it comes to my home. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good deal but I have always regretted buying cheap furniture because you definitely get what you pay for. I would rather design a room slowly and get the pieces I really want over time and wait for it than to get it all at once and not be as happy in the long run. With that being said, I completely surprised myself with her room because her furniture pieces and chandelier were extremely budget friendly. I didn’t get my dream pieces and opted to find similar ones because I have a feeling I will be changing this room up quite a bit as she gets older plus toddlers destroy everything in sight so I played it safe. I am still really pleased with how her room turned out and it’s just a bonus it didn’t break the bank! Below I will share the chandelier I really wanted (and may get in the future) and the one I opted for but ended up loving because it’s very similar, was a steal, and looks super cute in a kid’s room.

I knew I wanted wallpaper for her room and decided to cover just one wall because I have textured walls and getting them primed and smooth prior to installation is a major process. Additionally, I fell in love with this dark floral wallpaper by Ellie Cashman the moment I laid eyes on it and knew I wanted to use it but felt it may be too much for more than an accent wall due to the size of her room. I’ve seen it used on the ceiling as well which was fabulous. The ceilings in Liv’s room are really high and vaulted so I opted for the accent wall instead. The great thing about this wallpaper is you can pick the design scale for the floral pattern and they tell you exactly how to measure for what you need and when they sent it to me it was right on the money. I had exactly what I needed and ordering was really easy which is not typically the case when you’re trying to order wallpaper unless you know what you’re doing. I knew I wanted dramatic and with the high ceilings I knew I could pull off the large floral print so I oversized it big time. Dark wallpaper is somewhat less traditional for a little girl’s room but her room has a lot of windows and natural light so I knew I could keep a light and airy feel while still having the drama. She loves the wallpaper and immediately noticed the butterflies in it which I didn’t even see until she pointed them out. You can find the exact wallpaper I used here. I painted the remaining walls Benjamin Moore’s Paper white. It’s a cool white that, in my opinion, leans towards a really faint gray in certain light conditions. I have most of the walls in my house painted in this color. If you’re in Austin and need a good wallpaper installer please let me know and I’ll refer you to mine. He did an amazing job and they are hard to find!

I’ve always been a drapery person and usually opt for drapery over shades in bedrooms because I like the romantic and cozy feel that drapery provides and I have a more romantic design style. The drapes I selected are lined with black out material because I have always had to have a completely dark room to sleep so I wanted to make sure (in the event she does ever sleep in it) the room is as comfortable as possible for my little princess. I chose linen blush pink because her favorite color is obviously pink. Silk or velvet drapes would be equally as pretty in a bedroom in my opinion. If you want to design your own drapes and have them custom made and you’re in the Austin area I can recommend a few places. I also linked some black out blush drapes you can order online if you prefer to install your own store bought ones. The secret to better looking drapes is hanging high and wide and I even decided to add extra material to the ones in her room to make them even more plush. I then sewed them myself with… haha, just kidding. I’m not that talented.

I linked the exact nightstands I used below but I decided to switch out the hardware. The nightstands were originally in my bedroom and I’ve been wanting to update my room so I decided to move these to Liv’s room. I switched out the hardware because the original were gold but I wanted something softer and I found these crystal knobs at Homegoods for under ten dollars. I love the way they look now and they are larger nightstands which I prefer. No tiny pointless nightstands in my house! I need large drawers for more storage because you know my princess has a lot of clothes.

Liv’s room is quite sophisticated for a two and half year old but she is a pretty sophisticated girl and I knew I could toddler it up with tons of blush pink, ruffles, little accents, and her play kitchen with table and chairs. You know the toy you have to have for yourself and you talk yourself into believing your kid wants it too. Yeah, that was the play kitchen. I ordered it when she was 9 months old and she had no use for it then whatsoever. I couldn’t help myself but she loves it now and plays with it all the time! Her room fits her personality perfectly. Being her mom is the best thing in life. Nothing brings me more pleasure than doing things that make her happy. I’m already looking forward to changing this room a little later when she’s a little older and letting her pick out wallpaper, bedding, etc. I love seeing her little personality shine. Now, time to move on to her playroom because it’s a disaster! How do kids accumulate so many toys?? Have a great week everyone!

Tips for decorating your little one’s bedroom:

  1. Find an inspiration photo before you start. I haven’t seen this wallpaper used in a kid’s room but I saw a picture of a living room space with it. It had a blush pink couch in front of the gorgeous floral paper and that was all it took to sucker me in. I used that picture as my inspiration.

  2. Pick your colors and stick to it. It’s easier if you pick 2 main colors and an accent color you want to use and don’t let yourself venture far from those unless you have a super eclectic style and it calls for more variation.

  3. Don’t overspend on a kid’s room unless you have money to blow. Why would you do that? They grow like weeds and they will have an opinion eventually on what their space looks like.

  4. Take the size of the room and the amount of light it gets into consideration when choosing the wallpaper and paint. Always order a sample of the wallpaper prior to making the big order and test the paint color on the wall in all light conditions prior to painting. I’ve made this mistake too many times.

  5. Trust yourself. So many people say they don’t have an eye for decorating but most people are better than they think but just afraid to commit to decisions around design. You can do it!

Shop exact bed, exact nightstands (I switched out the hardwear), exact dresser, and exact mirror over dresser:

Shop exact bedding (duvet, euro shams, throw pillows, lumbar pillow, sheet set and throw):

Shop exact chandelier and exact task lamps:

Shop play kitchen and accessories:

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