Easy tips for keeping blonde hair long and healthy

My hair has been long pretty much most of my life with the exception of cutting it shoulder length once in my early twenties. While I love short cuts on other people, I personally prefer my hair to be long and when I get an urge for a short look I can simply clip it up or wear a wig. Yes, I have a few wigs I like to throw on every now and then. Is that weird? I mean, we all need a change and keeping a wig around keeps me from doing something radical like cutting bangs on a whim. Anyway, I want to share some of my tips for how I manage to keep my hair in check because keeping your hair blonde is one thing and keeping it blonde and long is quite another. We all know how coloring, styling, and aging can take a major toll on our precious locks and it takes a lot of work to keep it looking healthy.

  1. Find a good colorist. Actually, find the best colorist ever. This is the most important thing you can do because one bad color session and you can leave with irreversible damage that requires you to grow your hair and start over. The best way to find a good one if you don’t have one already is by word of mouth. Seeing is believing in my book. If you’re in Austin or Los Angeles I’m happy to recommend mine if you need one!

  2. I never blow dry my hair. Ok, I can’t say never. I do like to get a blowout maybe two or three times per year but that’s about it. I let my hair air dry the vast majority of the time and if I do need to put the dryer on I opt for cool air.

  3. Use a good protector spray. Always use a heat protector spray prior to styling or blow drying. While I let my hair air dry, I do use a curling iron or wand to help give some life to my natural waves.

  4. Use quality shampoo and conditioner. I change up the shampoo and conditioner I use quite often but I always make sure I am using products specifically for color treated hair. I’ll link some of my current favorites.

  5. Weekly treatments. I typically do an olaplex 3 treatment prior to shampoo once per week. Depending on the amount of time I have, I leave in anywhere from ten minutes to overnight and rinse the next morning. I also like to do a deep conditioning treatment biweekly after shampoo or a masque to make my hair silky.

  6. Handle with care. This sounds like common sense maybe but I’m gentle with my hair, especially when it’s wet. My rule of thumb is comb when it’s wet and brush if it’s dry and I keep the water temperature warm, never hot, when washing and cool when rinsing.

  7. Don’t wash too often. I usually only wash my hair every few (or longer) days. I have linked my two favorite dry shampoo products that smell so amazing along with a hair refresher which is basically perfume for hair.

So, there you have it. It’s nothing too out of the ordinary but these are the things that allow me to keep my hair as long as I do while still keeping it bright blonde year round. Below are some of my favorite hair products I’m using right now. And, of course, I linked Liv’s favorite shampoo products as well because our kids have to have fabulous hair, too!

Shampoo and Conditioner:

Treatments and deep conditioning:

Protector and styling:

Dry Shampoo and hair refresher:

Liv’s favorite shampoo:

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