Liv’s Spring Shopping List

Happy Friday!! The spring temps have been so amazing and it’s been nice getting all of the warm weather clothing out, too. Kids grow so fast and I feel like I’m constantly having to change out the clothes and shoes in Liv’s closet. I never like to over spend on her clothing for this reason (unless it’s a special occasion or an accident impulse purchase, oops). Plus, I love to shop quite often (shocker) and so I like to find deals when I can and be mindful of what things cost. I’ve had so much fun shopping for spring but finding adorable kids clothes isn’t always easy and you have to jump on them when you do because the good items sell so fast. Keeping this little fashionista’s closet stocked is a full time job! I mean, I can’t understand why Liv’s dad doesn’t understand this?! Moving on, here are some of our favorite items in our shopping cart right now!

Rompers and dresses:

Pants, shorts, and skirts:



Hats and hair accessories:




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