Create the playhouse of your dreams (Ahem, your kid’s dreams)

Happy spring ya’ll! Even though time has flown by, the winter weather seemed to drag on so I’ve been more than happy with the beautiful weather Austin has given us on the first day of spring. Liv and I spent time decorating her playhouse and of course playing in it, too. We knew we wanted to get a playhouse for her second birthday and after weeks of looking and not finding the one, I happened to see a couple amazing DIY ones on instagram so project playhouse began! This playhouse was definitely a project. It will take several days to complete if you are a normal person and two days to complete if you are completely unreasonable and impatient like myself. You can find all kinds of paint ideas by searching instagram and pinterest but you can see my favorites that inspired me here and here.

We purchased the playhouse at Costco and it took a little less than a week to be delivered with standard shipping. The exact playhouse we ordered is not currently available at Costco but they do have a nice but slightly pricier version available now. I linked a few similar that could be painted and are in the price range of what we spent from a couple other places as well. It comes in pieces with directions on how to put it together but I still highly recommend having someone at least a little handy do the work. I was the project manager and Liv’s dad was doing the labor; under my direct supervision of course. He did say it was easy to put together and I can tell you that says a lot because he is a brilliant business man if you catch what I’m saying. I would also recommend painting all of the pieces before you put the house together. It may be fine to paint after but it was definitely easier for us to paint before and I knew I wanted every piece, including the inside of the house, painted so it just made more sense to do it prior to doing anything else. We also found that separating all of the pieces before painting helped us keep track of what piece needed to be painted what so a big open space is going to be necessary. Did I mention this was a project? It’s totally worth it though.

The best part of this playhouse hack is deciding what colors to use. I was so torn on whether to paint it black and white or pink and white but I figured Liv would appreciate a little pink more. We primed the wood first and then it took two coats of paint to get the look we desired. We purchased all of our paint and primer products from the Home Depot. We chose Behr pink quartz for the door and Behr crystal cut for the rest of the house which I linked below. We spray painted the door handle, door bell, mailbox, and the interior kitchen pieces rose gold which is also linked. I purchased two cans and that was plenty enough.

Finally, but equally important, is decorating and putting the final touches on this cute little abode. I found the cutest and perfectly mini sized undecorated wreaths at hobby lobby and I made the bows with wired ribbon. I prefer to decorate wreaths myself so I can have endless color and pattern options. I’m obsessed with Home Goods, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby (aren’t we all) and they have the best accessories for decorating the wreaths and the house. Liv adores her playhouse and that makes me so happy because I love it, too. I may even add hardwood floors and an animal print rug inside eventually, ha. If only I were kidding. Hope you all are enjoying this first day of spring! Let me know if you decide to makeover a playhouse for your little one!

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