Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your guy

We are only a week away from Valentine’s Day so I want to share some of my current favorite man things just in case you haven’t done your shopping yet and are still wondering what to get. Buying for your person can be so hard sometimes but I’ve realized men don’t always know what they want or need and it’s our job to show them, ha.

This is one of my favorite fragrances right now and I’m not a big perfume/cologne type of person. I actually don’t wear perfume myself but I do like it when men wear cologne if (keyword if) they wear a subtle interesting scent and don’t overdo it. This scent is so clean yet masculine and easy on the senses. And, travel size is always a good option! Click on the image to shop!

This belt is one of my favorite items for him right now. It’s such a classic, wear with anything, dress up or down belt. This is great for the fashionable man that likes nice things and likes to look smooth but doesn’t like to be too flashy. Although this belt has the signature burberry plaid print, the charcoal color tones it way down and it truly looks great with anything. Click on the image to shop!

I wear mens deodorant. My absolute favorite deodorant is made by Jack Black. Believe me when I say you cannot go wrong with this gift set for him. Jack Black has several gift set options to choose from. You will be stealing your man’s deodorant in no time, too. Click on the image to shop!

Ok, so I know I said I wasn’t big on smelly stuff, and typically I’m not, but lately I have come across some products that are changing my ways a bit. This lotion smells oh so good and everyone needs a good moisturizing body lotion. Click the image to shop!

So you’re thinking that’s nice and all but my person isn’t into smells, skincare, or style. I have you covered. Everyone can use a bluetooth portable speaker from time to time. I have gotten so much use out of mine. You know when you want music and you don’t want to wear headphones but you need more than what your phone can provide and you happen to be outside not near any other music source? He needs this. Click on the image to shop!

Hope everyone has big plans for Valentine’s Day and you get to spend it with the person/people you love the most. And if all else fails in the gift department or you happen to be on a really tight budget this year, cook or bake up his favorite thing to eat. Oh, you already do that every night? Ok, carry on. Sometimes that says I love you more than anything money can buy.

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