Lets talk about skirts, baby

Ah, skirts. I just love them. The story of the skirt usually goes something like this… You see the cutest skirt online. You imagine all the fun times you’ll be wearing it while looking so amazingly gorgeous. You immediately purchase said skirt even though you haven’t paid your bills yet this month and you have no idea how much money is in your bank account (maybe not so much now but that was totally me in my early twenties). The skirt arrives and it looks great on. You place it in your closet and it never sees the light of day again. Why is this? I think we have all done this with a skirt purchase so I want to show you some cute skirt looks and hopefully inspire you to wear the skirts hanging in your closet.

The short skirt is oh so fun and can be worn in so many ways and the outfit options are endless if you find a good one. I don’t like fashion rules. Actually, I don’t think they exist. I’m a firm believer of wear whatever the hell you want if it makes you feel good and it represents yourself the way you want to be represented; that’s what style is. With that being said, I do usually like to stick to a few good well known style tips just to help myself look a little more put together. I rarely pair a short skirt, meaning above the knee, with any kind of crop top. Ok, never. Don’t get me wrong, I love crop tops, just not with a short skirt. A short skirt looks fantastic with a fitted tee, a button up knit, a nice blouse, an oversized sweater, or even a fitted bodysuit and add a cute jacket. So, you don’t like to show your legs or you live in the arctic? No problem. Throw on some tights, can be opaque or sheer, and I love wearing both depending on the outfit. I also love over the knee socks which is what I wore for the look I’m showing you today. They cover your legs but are still sexy and cute if those two things can go together, and I think they do with the over the knee sock. If I have day plans that turn into evening I usually wear flats and bring heals to change into and that instantly dresses up the look for a night out. And I love a night out. Just kidding, I’m usually in bed by 8.

The look I’m wearing today is a faux leather skirt, an absolute must in every woman’s closet, with a knit dress that I tucked in and wore as a top. My favorite thing about this look are the bell sleeves on the knit top/dress. Stay tuned for more skirt looks this week. Happy Monday!

Photography by Divina Stennfeld

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