Liv turns 2

I had been thinking about ideas for Liv’s party since the day after her first birthday party. She’s obsessed with Minnie Mouse of course and we took our first trip to Disneyland over the summer so she became even more infatuated with her. I’m big on themes for parties because it just makes it easier to have direction when it comes to styling. Her birthday is so close to Christmas that I really want to go all out every year so she doesn’t feel like it’s been overshadowed.

I have a very small backyard and I had this vision of an adorable kids table surrounded in a land of balloons. Basically I wanted it to look very girly, intimate, chic, yet inviting and fun for the kiddos to run around and enjoy while not going too over the top with Minnie but making it obvious it was Minnie themed. Sounds reasonable enough to me. I realized the only way to achieve what I wanted was to add some touches myself without actually buying anything “minnie mouse” at all, except for some cute minnie ribbon I found at Michaels. I used basic matte black construction paper to create the minnie ear logo for my cups as well as the ears I added to the plates. Honestly, I was pretty proud of myself after basically failing home economics and art class in middle school. I decided to bake cupcakes and cake pops rather than a cake because my daughter is way more into cupcakes and she helped me decorate the cake pops. (I can’t recommend this with a good conscience if you want to keep your sanity.) I came across the cutest playhouse idea on instagram a few weeks prior to her party and it really ended up being the icing on the cake! We got the playhouse and did a complete makeover and it’s really the cutest thing I’ve seen and she absolutely loves it. I may do another post on that project later, and believe me when I say project! I had so much fun planning this party which turned out even better than I imagined and Liv had an amazing time which is truly the most important thing.

If you made it through all of that, thanks for reading. Now, time to start scrolling pinterest for her third birthday!

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