My daily skincare routine

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! Don’t you just love when you find a product you’re obsessed with and you become so loyal you start wondering why you aren’t working for them in some capacity? I have been dedicated to the same skincare products for so long now I really don’t even know how many years it has been since I started with them. I’m a person of habit and when I find something I like I stick with it and don’t really go venturing out much to try anything else. I just realized I’m the same way about people, hmm. Anyway, my dermatologist recommended trying skinceuticals forever ago and gave me a regimen to follow. I fell in love with their products! And no, I don’t work for skinceuticals but probably should. Ha. I do believe that your skincare routine does need to be adjusted as we age since our skin has different needs at different times in our lives. Although I’ve been using the same products for a long time, I have changed/added things here and there when I felt my skin needed a pick me up. It’s helpful to have a go to dermatologist/PA to keep you on track and if you’re in Austin I am happy to recommend mine!

Let’s start with my morning routine first. The single most important thing to use above all of it, in my opinion, is a daily sunscreen for your face and body. Don’t forget the body! Nobody wants to look good from just the neck up.


  1. Cleanse face and neck with Dove bar soap or CeraVe cleanser and gently pat dry. (Do you ever see those people that rub their skin so violently?! That’s not me! Gentle!!)

  2. Apply Skinceuticals AOX eye under eye area.

  3. Apply Skinceuticals Phloretin CF over face and neck. Let dry. (I alternate using the Ploretin CF and the skinceuticals CE Furelic as advised by my favorite PA. For example, I buy the Phloretin CF and after that bottle is gone I buy the CE Furelic and once that is gone I go back to the Phloretin.)

  4. Apply Skinceuticals Emollience moisurizer.

  5. Apply Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense sunscreen SPF 50 over face and neck.

  6. Apply Dove baby lotion to body. I use this on my daughter, too.

  7. Apply Light moisture UV Defense sunscreen SPF 50 to body.


  1. Cleanse face using Dove bar soap or CeraVe facial cleanser.

  2. Apply Skinceuticals Retinol 1% to face. (They also make Retinol .5% and I used that first until I got adjusted to it and bumped it up.) Retinol can dry your skin out if too much is applied and makes you extra sensitive to the sun so it’s imperative to be using a sunscreen when using this product.)

  3. Apply Skinceuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex under the eye area. (I recently added this to my night routine. If you aren’t seeing visible signs of aging under your eyes, in my opinion, this step isn’t necessary just yet.)

  4. Apply Skinceuticals RENEW overnight dry moisturizer to face and neck.

The moisturizers I use are for normal to dry skin but they also have the same moisturizers for oily skin if that is your skin type. Whew! It sounds like a lot when you read through it but it really isn’t bad at all and becomes second nature within no time. The products are more expensive than what you can buy at your drug store but they last quite a while. I wish there were one magic cream you could throw on and it would keep you looking young forever but lets be real, there is no such thing and never will be! Just like anything in life, if you want the results you have to put the time in. You can find skinceuticals products and local skinceuticals providers near you directly on their website. Let me know if you have a go to skin care routine you love or if you decide to try mine. I would love to hear all about it!


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