Twin with your mini (without looking like a toddler yourself)

I had always dreamed of having a little girl and imagined all of the fun girly things we would do together. The mother daughter bond is so incredible and words cannot even begin to describe how I feel about my mini me so I won’t even go there. What I will do is show you how to twin with your little one without looking like you yourself are a toddler and keep you both looking like the fashionistas you are. This goes for mommas with little boys, too! What is it about dressing like your child that us mommas can’t get enough of?? Whatever it is it’s not going away anytime soon, and if you’re planning on having a little one and you think this won’t be you… hahaha.

My favorite thing to do is not necessarily wear the same exact thing but simply coordinate our colors so we look like we are a family unit as my daughter’s dad would say. I believe he stole that line from Kevin Hart and yes I usually like to make him match as well. My must haves for Liv’s closet to keep her stylish and coordinating with me are jackets (denim and faux leather mostly), properly fitting denim jeans, cute inexpensive tops in a variety of colors, and cute shoes. When I say cute shoes I’m not talking about the ones with bright purple glitter sparkles that flash when they walk. Now, if she wants the glitter sparkles and she’s to that age of having her own opinion then by all means don’t deny her the sparkles, but if she’s not there yet I would look at the shoes and ask yourself if you would wear them. If the answer is no then why would you put your kid in them. Two of my reasonably priced favorites are converse and vans. I can’t get enough of denim and faux leather jackets because you can throw one of those over almost any kid outfit and suddenly he/she looks like they stepped out of the baby gap photo shoot. You can find some great jackets at Old Navy, Gap, and H&M so it doesn’t have to break the bank. I think we can all agree over spending on any piece of child clothing is nonsense. Well, most of the time! (I may or may not be trying to convince my husband Liv needs the mini Louis Vuitton backpack.)

I’ve put together some pictures of times we have twinned, and is it weird to admit that I try to coordinate every time we leave the house? I do. Sorry not sorry. She just recently started wanting to dress herself and as much as I wish she would let me pick out her clothes, I love to see her pick out her own, too. I’m sure she’ll be wearing the glitter sparkle shoes in a future post. Hope you enjoy our twinning looks.

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