The monochromatic trend

If I could describe the monochromatic look in one word it would be classy. Sure, you can trash anything up if it’s tight or short enough but we can cover trashy in a later post. Something about the monochromatic look makes you look put together and sharp, and then there is the option to add other pops of color with layers, shoes, jacket, or accessories. While the monochromatic look is definitely a trend right now that we will see more and more of, it certainly isn’t a trend that has come out of nowhere. It’s timeless and the most sophisticated fashionistas (think Victoria Beckham) have been killing the monochromatic looks forever.

Ok, so I found the cutest, hottest skirt ever at one of my favorite local Austin boutiques and couldn’t wait to wear this bad boy. I’m not a huge yellow wearing person but something about this mustard yellow skirt just calls my name. I absolutely love when I find an article of clothing that really can be worn in so many different ways with so many different colors and so you never feel guilty for the purchase, not that I would have to because this skirt was just under 60 bucks.

My tip for pulling off the monochromatic look is be bold with accessories! A statement belt, jewelry, bright or patterned shoes will do the trick. Hope you like these looks!

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